January 21, 2014

First off, we thank you for you interest in the Lemonade Weekend 2  That interest has been a bright spot in the planning for this event…

Our dream for Lemonade was to create a very cool and relevant new event in the Los Angeles area to provide exposure for Contemporary Jazz artists, both known and not-so-known, and a cool audience experience.

Regrettably, after more than 7 months of hard work and relentless effort, we are very sad and disappointed to report that we have encountered headwinds and speed bumps all along the way that have impeded our progress.

Therefore, the Lemonade Weekend for 2014 will not take place.
All events, including the Citrus Music Awards, have been cancelled.

We have been trying diligently to create an event worthy of note, and one that would be unique in its charitable purpose, that of giving contributions to local school districts' music programs to help young kids learn the joy of music early.

We had hoped that folks would understand our purpose, and our goals, and join us in the quest. ALL of our artists did, as did our media sponsors and our early attendees, but sadly, we could not attract the hard cash sponsors needed to make it financially viable.

We may go back to the drawing board, and see if we can create an event in the future that can accomplish the goals we had set, but smaller, and with the financing secured well in advance…

In the interim, please accept our VERY sincere thanks for your interest in this event.

We are proud of what we had planned, and the roster of artists who did agree to participate.

We will be posting another message here later this week, with instructions on how all ticket holders can begin the process of getting a refund on their ticket purchase. We are committed to making sure ALL ticket purchasers get their refunds. 

Thanks for your belief in the Lemonade Weekend, we're all quite disappointed it is not going to take place... 



January 23, 2014

First, let us state for the record: 

We are committed to making sure ALL ticket purchasers get their refunds. 

We thank you for your ticket purchase, and we would like to make this process as simple as possible. 

Because of the difficulty in getting electronic refunds processed properly by PayPal, we will begin issuing refund checks to all ticket purchasers starting immediately.


To help expedite the issuance of checks, and confirm the purchase info, we have created a special email address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and ask you to please send along the following info:


The name used to purchase ticket(s) (and please verify the name to whom a check should be issued, if different)

The total amount you were billed (including any PayPal fee)

Your complete mailing address - (PayPal transactions do not provide us with your address)

If you used the PayPal "Bill Me Later" program, please let us know that. We do NOT want your purchase to incur any carrying charges.


Please feel free to forward the PayPal confirmation email from your purchase to save time, but PLEASE remember to send along a proper mailing address where the refund check can reach you.


We will begin to process refunds immediately upon receipt of the email.
Checks will be issued from the TDG Foundation, Inc.

We are pledged to process ticket refunds as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your support of the Lemonade Event, and your understanding!


Bruce Nazarian, CEO TDG Foundation,Inc.